Expect the unexpected

I’ve the Sunday moody blues, heading down to London ready for work in the morning, the walk across town was something more akin to a wade through a river so I’m sat in my seat soaking wet surrounded by wet luggage. Yesterday I removed the decorations from the ceiling and packed away the tree – the holidays are over. Back to reality.

Last year was full of surprises and I’ve been thinking, like most people do in early January what I want to achieve in 2016. Many years have their ups and downs but much like the Pendalino I’m riding 2015 for me was full of side to sides. Taken in many directions I’d never anticipated I ended the year a long way from where I’d planned to be this time last year. But I’m over the moon that this happened.

I guess that’s why I’m really struggling to get excited about the next twelve months – how do you top the best year in recent memory?

For that reason I’m not making any big promises to myself for the year ahead, I’m not setting any goals specific to 2016 – instead I’m going to maintain a simple philosophy: expect the unexpected. If HIV has taught me anything it’s that you have to take each day as it comes and it’s often the events out of your control that bring the most joy in the end and inevitably help you grow in strength and confidence.

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