“I’ve not let HIV turn my dreams into nightmares, I now dream bigger and better”

Alex has been writing about their personal experiences with HIV since 2012. Now living with the virus for more than a decade these have changed significantly since the time of their diagnosis. Striking advances have been achieved in the world of medicine, prevention and treatment, and testing technologies and methods during the 2010s. Despite this activists and those working in HIV advocacy remain occupied with the drive to eradicate misinformation, myths and prejudice around HIV and sexual health.



My first decade’ captures posts up to 2019. Detailing Alex’s experiences of growing with HIV, their first foray into volunteering and working in the HIV sector, and also looks at the themes and issues around LGBTQ activism and sexual health that dominated the 2010s.

The Roaring 20s Hiatus’ (formerly ‘Roaring in the 20s’) was planned to respond to the current decade, COVID-19 happened and Alex is taking a break from writing.