7 days in

One down, 51 more to go! The first week of 2016 has flown by already and Christmas seems like a distant memory. My tacky but retro 80s-esque decorations were pulled down and the tree was shoved into it’s box above the fridge for another 11 months.

I’ve still refused to set any specific resolutions but I have been trying to eat better and I’ve been out running twice this week. As usual I started with good intentions and had a clean Monday, until my dad offered me some leftover panattone in the evening – I had been for a run though so I justified this. Tuesday an old friend from uni invited me out in the evening – but before I had a few ciders we did eat salad instead of opting for something much more delicious like the deep fried veggie arancini that were winking at me from the counter.

I’ve not seen Sophie for a good couple of years so it was really good to catch up and we ended up having a night out ‘like the old days’ venturing to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for the queer variety show ‘Bar Wotever’ which was fab! It’s the sort of thing we both enjoyed when we were studying but a reminder that 2016 marks ten years since we graduated! Ouch.


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