Viral Round-up 26.04.2015

This week’s HIV and Sexual Health News…

HIV/AIDS: Stemming the Rising Tide

Philippine Star

High treatment failure rate among Thai children switching to second-line ART


Gay sex issues and HIV scare flood helpline

Daily Mail

Funding cuts to MICs will reverse gains made in HIV response


NIH Grant: $156,929 to Convince Gay Latinos to Use Condoms, Get HIV Tests

A bad buzz: Men with HIV need fewer drinks to feel effects

Yale News

Broadly neutralising antibody shows some success in treating patients with HIV

The Pharmaceutical Journal

How do we fight to end HIV-related stigma?

Gay News Network

What I learned when I attended my son’s ‘abstinence-based’ sex ed class

The Guardian

Meth, Crack, Coke & Ecstasy: Effects on HIV Disease Progression

BETA blog

Daily PrEP leads to better adherence and protective drug levels in women


Indian parliamentary committee recommends price caps for all drugs

Reuters UK

Stigma and Poverty Make HIV/AIDS Deadlier in the Deep South

The New Republic

Former bus driver jailed for not disclosing HIV status to partners

WJXT Jacksonville

Why it’s time to talk about PrEP

Same Same

Caribbean States Agree to Help at Risk HIV/AIDS Groups


People with HIV can conceive naturally without infecting partner or child

The Conversation AU

HIV: MSF-UNAIDS report endorses community models of care

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International

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