Express Yourself

Last time I posted a blog I was worried about “the big 3-Oh!” …safe to say I’ve survived the transition and with the help of a few afternoon naps during the first week of my thirties I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been quiet on here lately and to be honest the main reason has been because I’ve not had that much to say.

I’ve been focusing on other people, tomorrow I meet another gay man to offer peer support as part of the new volunteering programme I signed up to this year, it’s quite interesting as it’s causing me to be quite reflective about my own diagnosis. I’m asked a lot about it and retell that story more than any other but it’s usually very matter-of-factly, whereas sharing experiences with people who have undergone a similar situation stirs up emotions from that time. But it’s good, it helps me be creative.

Not being able to think of anything to write about last week I spent my week off relaxing and channelling my energy elsewhere. I managed to update my Visual AIDS profile with some new pieces, so I’ll leave it here today and let those do the talking.

Hunter's Kiss
Hunter’s Kiss
Coffee is my blood type
Coffee is my blood type
Below the Belt
Below the Belt

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