Viral Round-up 20.04.2015

A look at last week’s Sexual Health and HIV news

Rural Indiana HIV outbreak spreads to more than 100 cases

LA Times

How San Francisco plans to ‘get to zero’ new infections of HIV


The silence on abuse of transgender inmates in US prisons is deafening

The Guardian

New research to study effects of stigma on women’s adherence and outcomes in HIV care

UAB News

Patients’ medical records under threat from data breaches

Yahoo News UK

China threatens human rights group linked to detained feminists

The Guardian

Victoria moves to repeal HIV-specific law criminalising deliberate infection

The Guardian

New Approach Against HIV Virus ‘Holds Promise’

UD research informs HIV treatment policy for inmates

UD Daily

NIH launches largest clinical trial focused on HIV-related cardiovascular disease

National Institutes of Health (press release)

Needle exchanges could stem HIV outbreak

Chicago Tribune

Better HIV Prevention Could Be Leading to Higher Syphilis Rates


Paper and Phones Could Soon Diagnose Ebola and HIV for $1


‘Broken’ families and HIV

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