Last week I mentioned a group of us on the myHIV Community Forums had set ourselves a target for the next 28 days to help improve or maintain our fitness, we’re about half way through now and I’ve completed workout number 7 this evening: a little behind schedule but just about manageable if I want to be able to achieve my goal (20 workouts in the 4 week time frame).


I’ve been able to really focus on this thanks to the fact that there are a group of us encouraging each other and providing support as well as sharing tips and experiences. I feel really healthy and energetic at the moment and I’m really enjoying the gym again after battling through a few weeks of apathy with the place.


Feeling great is making me believe I’m looking great too, I’ve not felt badly bloated in a good while; I think my refreshed attitude to the gym, combined with my healthier diet at the moment (thanks to Lent and an awful lot of willpower) plus a couple of months on the new medication has really helped out with how I was feeling back in January.


HIV can be used as a great tool to drive change if you put your mind to it, from the start I’ve not wanted it to let it stop me doing anything I want, and it’s encouraged me to stay fit and healthy. It’s so important to look after your body for the long haul, I’m lucky enough to be reassured that the virus shouldn’t impact my life expectancy, so that means caring for my body today so I’m not dealing with the consequences of not doing so in later life.

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