Viral Round-up 22.03.2015

A look at last week’s HIV and Sexual Health news…


UK slashes HIV prevention cash by half

Pink News, Gay Star News


Protection Without a Vaccine

New York Times


Inflammation and gut leakage remains elevated in people with HIV despite early antiretroviral treatment



Dr. Robert Grant: What Does Ipergay Tell Us About PrEP and ‘Seasons of Risk’?



Feds Develop HIV Video Game For Gay Men

The Daily Caller


Common herpes drug reduces HIV levels

Medical News Today


Constitutional Court: Expelling HIV-Positive Foreigners With Russian Families Is Unlawful

The Moscow Times


Home testing for HIV using an oral test

The Australian Financial Review


Early HIV Phase May Be Less Infectious Than Once Thought



Sustained virological response represents a long-term cure for people with hepatitis C treated with sofosbuvir



Landmark gay rights case will challenge homophobic laws in Trinidad & Tobago and Belize

The Independent


‘Forced’ sterilisation of HIV women violates rights

Mail & Guardian Online


France: Gay men could soon be able to donate blood

International Business Times UK


Minors could be tested for HIV without parents’ knowledge


Reaching Millions With a Lifesaving Message


HIV treatment: New inexpensive agents can block virus ability to replicate and develop resistance

International Business Times UK


Cabotegravir and rilpivirine effective for HIV maintenance therapy at 96 weeks



Vatican adopts HIV/AIDS treatment model developed in BC

The Globe and Mail


Trials don’t gel with all women

Mail & Guardian Online

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