Viral Round-up 28.03.2015

The latest HIV and Sexual Health news…


HIV Status Disclosure and Ripping the Band-Aid Off Quick

The Body


Health data shows one in five new HIV cases in NSW acquired overseas

The Sydney Morning Herald


Charles Stephens: How AIDS service organizations fail black gay men

The GA Voice


Blood thinning drug helps in understanding a natural HIV barrier

Medical Xpress


Home-exercise plan for HIV patients

News Medical


For most children with HIV and low immune cell count, cells rebound after treatment

National Institutes of Health


HIV is not grounds for deportation, says Russia’s Constitutional Court

Russia Beyond the Headlines


Sex abuse poses ‘significant risk’ to UN peacekeeping, says leaked report

The Guardian


Early antiretroviral treatment reduces, but does not eliminate HIV reservoir



CDC Releases 2 Reports on HIV Prevalence and Behavioural Data Related to HIV Transmission and Prevention Among People Who Inject Drugs


Adherence support improves ART outcomes in Kenya



HIV Outbreak In Indiana To Be Declared Public Health Emergency

Huffington Post, Daily Mail


HIV accelerate development of age-related diseases


Global Fund redirects $574 million from Malawi AIDS council

Reuters UK


Heart disease tops HIV deaths in East Africa

New Vision


Indiana HIV epidemic: Drug users sharing needles blamed for worst ever outbreak in state’s history

The Independent


When HIV Infects the Brain

The Atlantic


A very different Jeremy Kyle show story: Mother appears on the show to work through guilt of giving daughter HIV



Alice Nkom: Preventing gay Cameroonians from accessing HIV care violates their human rights



‘Looking,’ HBO show with HIV-positive character, is cancelled

Poz magazine

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