I’m having a great week! Had a quick visit to the hospital on Monday to check out how I’m getting on with Eviplera since switching to it a couple of months ago. I’m still undetectable and my cd4 is 418, a little slip from the previous result, but I was anticipating this, my previous result was a PB and I’ve always followed these with a blip and then the trend has picked up again. I’m not 100% confident I’ve witnessed a tremendous change compared to the old combination but having suffered a stomach bug in recent weeks I am happy to see how I am doing again in another 6 months.


I’m full of beans and energy, some of that is probably down to the amount of caffeine I’ve consumed today but I also had a great gym session after work. Since last week a few of us on the myHIV Community Forums have set ourselves exercise goals for a 28 day duration (ending 8th April). I’m striving for at least 20 workouts (in the gym or running) between now and then. Tonight was number 4 so I am already 20% of the way there! I’ve been a bit lapse recently so it’s great to get motivated and allow my ever so slightly competitive streak to encourage me to get back on the health kick after a few distractions in February.


I’m doing amazingly well this Lent again, for those of you who don’t me personally every year I give up an array of food items. This year it’s chocolate, crisps, sweets, biscuits, cake and bread. Less than 3 weeks to go now and I can’t wait to treat myself to them, it’s amazing how different a little detox can make you feel.


Short and sweet tonight – I wish you all a fantastic a week as I am having!

2 thoughts on “Buzzin’

  1. romulo fernandez jr says:

    So good to hear you are doing much better,makes me happy to hear when people are doing better.Keep up the good work,on ward&upward!!!stay healthy&happy my friend..take the way.keeping the faith is always good..surely good things will come too you in the future…my friend..;)

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