80 days of HIV

I’ve not written anything for a while, or more accurately I have written a lot and left the contents of my ramblings in the draft vaults of WordPress.com

So what’s going on in my life?

Well I’ve been dating someone since May and it’s going well enough for us to venture on our first trip away this weekend. Work is good and over the summer I was so proud to see our Can’t Pass It On campaign launch as well as tick off a number of other projects I’ve been working on this year.

My latest test results have been good too, still undetectable and my CD4 is currently over 500, which it hasn’t been since early 2015. Unfortunately the success of the switch to Stribild from Eviplera was short lived. Progressively over the summer issues which my stomach have gone from bad to worse. So on Monday with my clinics agreement I have switched back, hoping the issues I have been struggling with will start to disappear.

Starting ‘new’ medication is about as exciting as it can get when it comes to HIV so I celebrated the swap with an Instagram post, then another, and then treated my followers to yet another yesterday…

Day two – new meds 💊💊💊 how long until photos of them get boring 🤔

eviplera take two

But I received a thought provoking reply…

Every time you post a pic of them you’re doing your bit to raise awareness… never should get boring!

…and today I started to think about it, which is always a little dangerous.

I’ve not written, drawn or done anything creative (successfully) for a while so please bear with me.

If you count today and add the days up to and including 1 December there are 80 of them. 80 days and on day 80 it’s World AIDS Day. That’s nice and neat and tidy, it feels like it’s an opportunity too good to miss.

So that’s the new project – 80 days of HIV.

Everyday I’ll be posting one photo with the hashtag #80daysofhiv to show a daily snapshot of life with the virus.

The first one is already up, check it out!


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