The seven-year itch

The early days weren’t the typical honeymoon period

And I guess that’s because I saw the situation as serious

Reading up on the facts and speaking to people

Realising there was no use in staying hateful

Life carried on and it was pretty normal

Meds and appointments never stopped me being cheerful


As the relationship with HIV and me got older

My confidence grew and became bolder

I looked to tackle the ridiculous enigma

Of ignorance and fear we picture as stigma

In my heart I knew this wasn’t achievable

Without standing up, speaking out and being vocal


And me being me I created the drama

Outing myself at the start of November

Three years to the day since my life changed forever

To break down misconceptions was the endeavour

Feeling the support of friends and family coming together

In my heart I know I’ll be indebted forever


I’ve not looked back since and continue to strive

To show the world what it means to be alive

As living I am, like many of us with the condition

Despite what many think – and that’s the point of the mission

The hate and the fear I wish we could bludgeon

But half the battle is getting people to listen


As time passes I’m frustrated and angry

People like me still seen dirty and sleazy

What’s inside me is just a bloody virus

Biological carrier don’t make me the waitress

Me – I’m Undetectable, non-infectious

But telling some of you is fucking pointless


A simple concept – we’re all the same within

But I’mHIV’ and that does my head in

In my ranting I guess what I’m saying

And I’m sorry this year I’m not celebrating

It comes to a point when you know life’s a bitch

And with my virus I’ve hit the seven-year itch

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