“I think it’s healthy for a person to be nervous. It means you care – that you work hard and want to give a great performance. You just have to channel that nervous energy into the show”

If that philosophy is good enough for Beyoncé then it’s good enough for me, not that I’m preparing for a show, but a short speech tomorrow night. I’m as much excited as nervous. I’ve been a little quiet on here lately but I’ve been so busy in the run up to a very special event tomorrow, which I can’t wait to tell everyone about.

I’ve also been taking some online classes via Coursera about HIV and Sexual Health. Throw in the routine volunteering hours I do each month for two different HIV charities and I’ve not left myself much time to sit back and look at my accomplishments.

Tomorrow night will be the culmination of a lot of hard work and further proof of my determination to fight the stigma that people living with HIV face each and every day.

“I am living with HIV and I have a voice” – I won’t apologise for that voice being a little too quiet on here of late, but I’m hoping that the next couple of days will motivate me to get back in the game, put some fire in my belly.


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