Viral Round-up 07.06.2015

The week’s HIV and Sexual Health news…

Sex workers retraining scheme sponsored by Barclays

The Guardian

HIV is on the rise in Dublin

Sunday World

Porn stars in California may be forced to wear goggles under new legislation

The Independent

New strategy to halt HIV growth: Block its sugar and nutrient pipeline

Medical Xpress

MPs want HIV test ban at recruitment as part of human rights

New Vision

LGBT people suffer widespread violent abuse, discrimination: new UN report

The Guardian

UNAIDS head urges African mayors to fast-track HIV response

Spy Ghana

HIV status was ‘was our secret to keep & tell’

Health-e news

Baltimore jails reportedly denied medication for HIV+ prisoners

The Guardian

Pink News

One in five younger Americans tested for HIV

Medical Xpress

Austrian stigmas hurt early HIV prevention

Deutsche Welle

HIV rates on Sask. reserves higher than some African nations

CBC News

Stopping HIV with the Truvada Revolution – Part 1


Appalachia gripped by hepatitis C epidemic, bracing for HIV

Yahoo News

Worrying figures reveal rise in gay Kiwi men infected with HIV


Billboards in Ukraine urge people to use the word ‘gay’ instead of ‘faggot’


A gay’s guide to undetectable

Gay News Network

Bill filed for HIV test and treatment for minors sans parental consent


Joining Hands Against HIV and Aids, Gender Inequality Featured

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