Viral Round-up 15.02.2015

A look at this week’s HIV and Sexual Health news…

Prime Minister David Cameron ‘ignores gay students in sex education letter

Evening Standard

Four in 10 teenage girls coerced into sex acts, survey finds

The Guardian

Gay Dating Apps Become Messengers for Warnings on HIV


An aggressive form of HIV uncovered in Cuba

Medical Xpress

Taiwan reminds employers not to ask foreign workers for HIV tests

Focus Taiwan

HIV Organizations Urge Continuation of DAD Study

Treatment Action Group

Pilot study suggests that PrEP for other STIs might work


Lowering the Age for HIV Prevention

The Atlantic

Organ transplants between HIV-positive patients show promise

The Verge

A call to antimicrobial arms

The Guardian

Gilead faces challenge to European patent on pricey hep C drug


Jenner speculation comes at key time for transgender rights

Daily Mail

Synthetic antibodies created that could one day treat cancer and and even HIV

Daily Mail

How Can We Get People to Actually Use HIV Prevention Drugs?


A more personalised approach to hepatitis C treatment may improve adherence and completion rates


Worldwide treatment of hepatitis C could be within sight at the right cost

Imperial College

Study counters stereotypes of black men most at risk for HIV/AIDS

Medical Xpress

Study yields insight into generating antibodies that target different strains of HIV

Medical Xpress

Teen HPV vaccine does not spur riskier sex

Reuters UK

Homosexuals in Tanzania excluded from HIV prevention efforts

Medical Xpress

VOICE trial: Microbicide gel may have stopped two out of three HIV infections – in the women who used it


Op-ed: How Do We Stop the HIV Crisis Among Gay Black Men?

HIV-positive migrants denied care at Thai public hospitals


Schools at odds with parents over HIV information obligation

New Zealand Herald

HIV medicine use ‘like giving poison’

New Zealand Herald

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