8 Pills In

This might not be a long post, shoulder day in the gym and I can barely lift my arms to type! It’s been one week since I started on the new treatment combination and on the whole I’m feeling really positive about the change, certainly glad that I pressed ahead and decided to try something new.

I don’t want to get excited too early but 8 pills in and I do feel a lot better. I’ve noticed I am nowhere near as bloated and I’ve not had the daily stomach pains I was experiencing. After Christmas I kept thinking it was just my waistbands being too snug against me after the holiday pig-out, but as I started eating better again and got back in the gym the aches were still very noticeable.

I won’t know what impact the change in medication is having on the virus for another 7 weeks when I pick up the next lot of results, fingers crossed my CD4 count will remain in a good state and the virus undetectable.

I’m getting used to the new time, and having dinner at a regular slot in the day will probably do me some good too, currently eating a meal and taking the pill at 7 in the evening. I’ll see if this becomes an issue or not over the next few weeks before I go in for my bloods, but at the moment the little change to my routine is nothing compared to the annoying cramps and rushes to the toilet I was having to put up with.

The biggest issue I’ve had is remembering that I’ve not forgotten to take anything at 10pm. I guess after 5 years the habit has really set in, I’m starring at my phone wondering why the alarm hasn’t gone off and grabbing a glass of water and wondering why I poured it…!

2 thoughts on “8 Pills In

  1. romulo fernandez jr says:

    Wow..alex..your doing such a good job..im so very proud of you!!stay healthy&think good thoughts,hope for good results…believe it and it will surely happen…and thank you for being so honest and explaining to others what we have to go through..you are very brave and courageous…Don`t stop..lol..take care my friend&God bless you…by the way..prayer works…;)best wishes too you..my friend…rfj….

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