Viral Round-up 24.01.2015

A look at this week’s HIV and Sexual Health news…

Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson opens up about heart-breaking HIV storyline

The Mirror

UK community to introduce new HIV testing programme

International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Many HIV-positive people’s understanding of the law on HIV transmission is “weak and patchy”


Starting HIV treatment early and then interrupting is no better than delaying it


HIV sweeps across eastern Europe amid economic crisis


New study published in PLOS Medicine suggests that one form of injectable hormonal contraception is associated with an increased risk of women becoming infected with HIV

Medical News Today

Study of HIV subtype’s global spread shows impacts of tourism, migration, policies

Science Speaks

Gum Disease Can Lead Dormant HIV to Replicate


Possible to “boost” certain immune cells to enable them to kill HIV-infected reservoir cells that have been awakened from their dormant state


Durban – Young women should be the focus of any new funding procured by the government in the fight against HIV and AIDS in KwaZulu-Natal

iol news

Legislators pass new HIV regulations (Taiwan)

Taipei Times

Sustainable development is only possible if women’s health is prioritised

The Guardian

With Proper Care, People With HIV May Erase Raised Heart Attack Risk


The Deep South has the highest death rate of newly diagnosed AIDS cases in the USA, according to new research


Big pharma have a monopoly on HIV treatments in Peru


AIDS crisis brewing in Crimea and east Ukraine says UN

Yahoo! News

American gay men reporting depression, childhood sexual abuse, stimulant use, other substance use and heavy alcohol use are nine times more likely than men without any of these issues to subsequently acquire HIV


ART timing during pregnancy linked to detectable viral load at delivery


Shock and Anger in Cambodian Village Struck With HIV

New York Times

China’s transgender sex workers “marginalised and vulnerable”

Daily Mail

Ration Card Rules Leave HIV Patients in Lurch (India)

The New Indian Express

China Announces Over 100,000 New Cases of HIV/AIDS in 2014

News Everyday

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