99% of my energy today has been focused on staying awake. I’d like to think that’s due to the amount of information my brain has taken in over the weekend and the lack of a proper rest, but I’m sure some cheeky people will doubt that and believe it’s due to the fact I’m getting older and can’t handle a Saturday night out as well I used to!


I am incredibly tired BUT extremely enthusiastic for my very first solo Online Peer Support session from 8pm tonight on the MyHIV Community Forums. I had a very HIV-fixated three day weekend but it was an absolute blast! I treasure spending time with other PLHIV because it’s a luxury to me, I don’t have many positive friends that I see on a regular basis and many of the guys and girls I met this weekend I’ve been talking to online for many months, in some cases a couple of years.


I had a great time with the other volunteers, both during the training sessions and socially. MyHIV is a fantastic resource and the forums are a great way to connect and share information with the HIV community. With almost 3000 members now it’s grown considerably since I joined in November 2012, with many more ‘active’ members than I can ever recall previously. It’s the UKs largest network of people living with the virus. The forums are just one aspect of MyHIV and the site is a valuable resource for anyone living with the virus, it is packed full of information and knowledge.


Keeping it short and sweet tonight, my first session starts at 8pm and I don’t want to be late on my first day!



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