Eurovision 2014


Thanks for all the tweets and feedback about my Eurovision-themed tweets last night during the competition… Thought I would upload them here, makes for some sober reading if I am honest, we have a long way to go to rid our continent of the virus!


Ukraine rate of newly diagnosed HIV infections in 2010 was 36.4 per 100,000 population highest in Europe after Russia

Belarus is home to the world’s fastest-growing HIV epidemic 250% growth rate since 2001

Azerbaijan has an Adult HIV prevalence of 0.2% (2012)

Only 3 people were diagnosed with HIV in Iceland in 2013 down from 20 year previous

Increase in HIV prevalence in Norway continues to be driven by immigration and MSM

In 2011 only 47% of 15-24 year olds in Romania correctly identified HIV transmission prevention methods

In Armenia education is worse with only 9% males and 15% females identifying correct HIV prevention methods

50% of HIV transmission in Montenegro via heterosexual sex, 24% with MSM

In 2011 it was estimated 35,000 people were living with HIV in Poland

Greece Schemes to help Athens drug users scrapped could have led to 1,450% rise in HIV/AIDS cases from 2010 to 2011

Austria had 18,000 people living with HIV in 2011

71% of people living with HIV in Germany are receiving antiretroviral treatment

Multi-award winning drama “Don’t Ever Wipe Tears without Gloves” tells the story of HIV in 80s Stockholm, Sweden

Approximately 160,000 living with HIV 2011 in France highest in Western Europe

Russia had over 60,000 new HIV cases in 2010 and has the highest prevalence in Europe

Two thirds of HIV population in Italy are men (2011)

In 2012 75% of people living with HIV in Slovenia were diagnosed late

It is estimated only 2,600-3,600 people in Finland are living with HIV

Spain has a HIV prevalence of 0.4% of the population, matching that of France and Italy

Switzerland had 620 new HIV diagnoses in 2012 25% of which were women

Like most EU countries in Central Europe Hungary has a low HIV prevalence of 0.1% (2011)

Malta reported 157 HIV cases and 96 AIDS with 60 deaths between 2004 and 2011

This year’s hosts Denmark had a HIV prevalence of 0.2% as of 2011

In 2010 the number of MSM diagnosed HIV in TheNetherlands was higher than in the early years of the virus

San Marino this small country only had 76 cases of HIV reported to WHO in 2011

By the end of 2012 an estimated 21,900 people in the UK were living with HIV without knowing it

91,000 AIDS related deaths in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in 2012, 130,000 new infections

7,900 AIDS related deaths in Western and Central Europe in 2012, 29,000 new infections

5 times as many children diagnosed HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia than Western and Central Europe

2.3m people living with HIV across Europe by end of 2010 United we can beat the virus

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