It’s been a long time since my last blog, just over a month in fact. I decided that I wanted a bit of ‘me time’ around my birthday and take a bit of a HIV break and focus on enjoying myself whilst Salford experienced some unusually sunny weather around the Easter weekend, wonder if it coincidence that as I’ve sat down to write this it’s raining cats and dogs outside…


It’s not that HIV was getting to me, or I wanted to stop thinking about it, I just didn’t really have anything to talk about, after blogging for a many, many months there is only so much you can really talk about – especially as I am pretty comfortable with the virus and I’m content and happy with my life. It’s a bit selfish to say but I’ve enjoyed not having to think about updating the site and I’ve not been tweeting as much either.


I managed to get a lot done that I’d not found time for this year until now, probably helped by the lighter evenings we’re having. Finally finished my boyfriend’s anniversary present (I knitted him a scarf- just in time for summer…) which should have been done back in February, I managed to finish my Lent fasts without one slipup and I’ve pushed myself to stick to a gym programme for the first time ever and I really feel happy and healthier for it, with only one week left of it I’ll need to find another one soon a little harder.


I feel refreshed now and ready to put the activism hat back on, I think it fits me rather well, even if I do say so myself, besides after one month and a day I’ve missed it.

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