I only blogged a couple of days ago but bear with me, today I got my routine results for the first time since I started the blog so thought best to write something about it. It’s at this time and when I go to have the bloods taken that I am probably most anxious. Any other moment I am full of fighting talk, living a normal life, but knowing that these results can easily knock anyone’s confidence is a little bit scary.

I’m pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised this morning, you can never guess how your body is feeling but with it being winter I fully expected the colds, viruses and so forth to have made a dent at my health and have a rubbish result. I was more worried this time as specialist HIV Travel Insurers can increase their quotes if CD4 drop below 350 and the last reading was around the 372 mark as far as I can remember, I’ve got my holiday coming up and would rather save some money on the insurance!

My CD4 is actually a lot higher than this, and higher than it’s been before in the three years or so I have been tested for it since my positive diagnosis! I’m thrilled that it’s up to 491; my personal best to date was 472! I’m really happy that it’s had a boost in the past six months and feeling confident that I’m continuing to live a normal, healthy life.

So I continue to look forward, not back and take on whatever life brings… for another few months anyway, next appointment at the hospital is in July. Hopefully even better results to come!

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