One down…

One week down, fifty-one to go! Can’t believe this time last week I was gloating about being hangover-free and thinking about what I wanted to gain out of the year ahead. After a lacklustre start I managed to dust off the cobwebs at the weekend and get started with the healthy eating plan. A month of scoffing Christmas food and booze and not venturing into the gym once took its toll on my waistline but I’ll hopefully manage to get back to pre-festive period me soon enough!

I’ve also been back at the gym this week, started last night and went again after work this evening. I am aching like anything now, think I should have a rest day tomorrow and then go back Thursday. I wonder whether I would feel these aches and pains as much if I was negative but I guess I’ll never know. I expect most people feel it after dodging exercise for a month. Hopefully be back up to full fitness in a few weeks and won’t feel like I got hit by a bus each Tuesday evening.


Had some disappointing news at the end of last week: didn’t get any further with a job I had applied for but the feedback was good. Just need to keep trying to look out for something that would suit me, at the end of the day I am lucky to already be in employment at the moment, even if I feel I am stuck in a rut career wise.

Receiving a copy of Chartists magazine through the post brought a smile to my face and was a great start to my year and my ‘Remain Focused’ resolution. Check it out in the Media section if you’ve not already given it a look. All in all I am happy with early progress and looking forward to an exciting year!

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