Happy New Year

I am under no illusion that 2013 will be an easy year. I’ve barely been open about my HIV status for two months, and even though I have not received any backlash so far I am sure that as months come and go I’ll be sure to run into ignorant and fearful people who may attack me personally for living with HIV.

I’m a strong person so this thought isn’t worrying me it’s just something I have been thinking about as I look to the year ahead, I’m excited about what the year might bring and challenges I may perhaps face. I want to raise more awareness in 2013, I want to open society’s eyes and let them see that the virus isn’t something that needs to be feared, it’s like any other illness, and it’s controllable. I’m too impatient to have to wait until World AIDS Day in December, (I’m fed up of that ‘A’ word as well but I’ll save that rant for another blog post.) I want to continue to ensure HIV is an issue and on the agenda for all twelve months of the year. I live with HIV 365 days of the year, not just on December 1st.

Hopefully 2013 will bring some medical advances in the forms of improved treatment and further research into a vaccine but I think we’re a good few years off anything being available on an accessible, global scale. I know a lot of people are wishing 2013 will bring a cure but I’m not one of them. Cure: solve (a problem). As far as I am concerned the only problem I face is the stigma from ill-educated people and unfortunately no amount of medical intervention is going to resolve that issue. Being open, honest and raising awareness will prove some assistance though, so that’s the plan for 2013. Confront people who have misguided opinions about what it means to live with HIV and educate people about safe sex, if I find the time hopefully investigate lobbying some people in high places to get a HIV strategy sorted out for people living in England as well!

On a more personal note I want to progress my career this year now I’m long out of my worried/ apprehensive phase where I felt a more perplexing role might be of detriment to my health, 2012 gave me some fantastic opportunities to realise how capable I am and I’ve still some intelligence left… I’m also looking forward to a long overdue holiday with my boyfriend in the USA, can’t wait! I’m making the usual resolutions: healthy eating; more family time; up my exercise game etc. We’ll see how many of these last beyond January 31st haha!

Considering a permanent New Year’s Resolution I needed something that would keep me on track and remember the purpose of being open about being HIV positive in the first place: so quite simply my resolution is REMAIN FOCUSED.

Happy New Year, have an amazing 2013!

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