“i am”

i am invite 2I’ve mentioned a few times since starting the blog that I have been involved in a project with a local not-for-profit film company in helping to make a film tackling the theme of HIV and social exclusion. I am so excited that the film is now finished and I was granted a sneak peek on Monday evening. I am really happy with the final result and all the credit with regards to the final polished version goes to the great team of editors.

There’s nothing better than seeing the fruits of all your hard work come together. Tomorrow we are premiering the film in Manchester and I really hope people enjoy the film and that it has an impact on them. I will be getting a copy of it to put up on the blog or online somewhere as soon as we decide how we’re progressing with it (for some reason festivals don’t accept films that have already been online).

The film uses the medium of still images to tell stories that, I hope, anyone living with HIV can relate to. The photographs were all taken by members of the project group and the dialogue was written out of our own discussions from personal experiences of what it is like to live with HIV and how we have been treated by those around us, our social circles and society as a whole.

I would like to thank everyone at REELmcr for their time dedication to the film and giving me to opportunity to get involved such a special project.

The question is not,


“What makes us different?”


The question should be,


“What makes us the same?”

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