Viral Round-up 25.07.2015

The week’s latest HIV and Sexual Health news…

Is HIV prevention failing?


The Government Wasted an Opportunity to Enforce Same-Sex Sexual Education in British Schools

Vice UK

Life inside Colnbrook detention centre: ‘There are no windows, no wind. The men all suffer mental health problems’

The Guardian

New drug holds out promise of long-term control or even cure of HIV


Failure to disclose HIV-positive status is a felony that leads to a much worse crime

The Guardian

‘Start Talking. Stop HIV.’ GIF Campaign Raises Awareness About About HIV Education And Stigma

Huffington Post

8,000 HIV patients at risk in Eastern Ukraine: UN envoy

Yahoo News UK

The ketchup sachet-shaped drug saving babies from HIV

BBC News

Teenager ‘in remission’ from HIV despite stopping drugs

BBC News

World Health Organization urges more HIV testing by non-medical staff, outside of clinical settings, targeted to those who need it the most


Simple but elusive – why are we still talking about HIV drug delivery?

Medical Xpress

HIV treatment is 93% successful in preventing virus being transmitted through sex

Daily Mail

Supportive housing key in battling HIV, study says

The Globe and Mail

WHO Issues Policy Brief on HIV Prevention Among Transgender Populations

Infection Control Today

Self-testing helps combat HIV in adolescents

World Health Organization

Daily HIV Drug Regimen Is Effective in African Women, Study Says

New York Times

FDA approves diagnostic test to differentiate between types of HIV infection

Researcher to study genetic and social aspects of HIV clusters

Medical Xpress

Trauma and HIV: A Call for Intersectional Approaches

Huffington Post

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