Viral Round-up 02.03.2015

A look at the last week’s HIV and Sexual Health news…


Understanding African culture and HIV

St Catherine Standard


GLAAD/GMHC “#CelibacyChallenge”


Healthy dose of hope for one-use syringes

BBC News


We could cut the HIV transmission rate by more than 90 percent, CDC says

The Washington Post


This Chart Shows Why HIV Is Still Spreading in the U.S.



Merck Grants Free License for Pediatric HIV Drug

ABC News


Court tosses one conviction against airman in HIV case

Military Times


Rise of HIV cases in MSM aged 20-29 ‘worrying’, says Hong Kong health expert)

China Morning Post


At least 30% of people with new HIV infections had no idea they were exposed to the virus



Mylan to distribute Gilead Sciences’ hep C drugs, Sovaldi & Harvoni in India



7-country study shows triple-drug combination superior for preventing infant HIV infection



Disappointing result for tenofovir-gel microbicide shows that young women still lack HIV prevention methods they can use



Study That Paid Patients to Take HIV Drugs Fails

New York Times


Condom vending machines introduced to prisons in California

The Independent


Disabled at high risk for HIV



Starting HIV treatment at CD4 count above 500 reduces the risk of serious illness and death by 44%, African Temprano trial shows



Breastfeeding mothers often undiagnosed in sub-Saharan Africa



HIV maturation inhibitor BMS-955176 looks promising in early study



No HIV transmissions from HIV-positive partner seen in Australian gay couples study



Treatment cascades and viral load surveys show how African countries can maximise prevention benefits of HIV treatment



Circumcision is reducing HIV incidence in Uganda, Rakai community study shows



US PEPFAR abstinence and faithfulness funding had no impact on sexual behaviour in Africa


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