Viral Round-up 08.02.2015

A look at this week’s HIV and Sexual Health news…

Men who have sex with men have other health inequalities as well as poor sexual health, say Public Health England


Campaign to reform prostitution law

Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra

Chemsex is not a drug problem – it’s a sex problem


Addicts Should Be Treated and Supported Into Recovery, Not Criminalised

Huffington Post UK

Though Rare, It Is Possible to Contract Drug-Resistant HIV While on PrEP


More African Americans still die of HIV than whites and Latinos combined CDC says (USA)

Washington Post

What is sex? HIV case forces Florida supreme court to define intercourse

The Guardian

Suzi Godson :10 Things You Need to Know Before You Have Middle Aged Sex With a New Partner

Huffington Post UK

Canada clinic allows gay men to donate blood, but not how you think


Your smartphone could soon give a fast diagnosis of HIV

Mail & Guardian Online

No improvements in CD4 count at diagnosis in African patients in last decade


Researchers identify key mechanisms underlying HIV-associated cognitive disorders

Medical Xpress

Engineered antibodies grab on to HIV ‘spikes’

Futurity: Research News

Baby boys and a dilemma for every parent: Some experts now say all boys should be circumcised. But are they ignoring worrying risks?

Daily Mail

Youth participation in the HIV response: Are we setting the table or just on the menu?

Huffington Post UK

Screening for bone fracture risk should be routine for over-40s with HIV, new guidelines recommend


Break on through to the other side: How HIV penetrates the blood-brain barrier

Biology News Net (press release)

A doctor writes: Is it time to reverse lifetime ban on gay men donating blood? (Ireland)

Irish Times

Craiglist use linked to rise in HIV, says study (USA)

The Independent

‘Good virus’ believed to help increase survival chances in Ebola and and HIV infections

International Business Times UK

HIV: Latent reservoir of virus in rare immune cells could help develop cure

International Business Times UK

Treatment of the First HIV Positive Patient in ABIVAX’s Phase IIa Clinical Trial With ABX464 (France)

PR Newswire (press release)

African First Ladies Commit to Eliminate HIV Infections

All Africa

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