Viral Round-up 18.01.2015

A look at this week’s HIV and Sexual Health news…

Successful peer-recruited project shows it is possible to do prevention work with gay men in hostile environments


New HIV Treatment, Antiretroviral Cabotegravir, Lasts For Three Months

Medical Daily

While Rare, Drug Resistance After Contracting HIV on PrEP Can Occur


Team from Temple University has successfully deleted HIV-1 from laboratory cells’ DNA


14% rise in HIV cases in China

International Business Times

BANGKOK—Faced with an aging HIV-infected population, international researchers are trying to understand whether the virus or the medications that treat it may accelerate aging

The Wall Street Journal

Gay and bisexual men are at increased risk of acquiring HIV if they have mental health problems


A monthly injection of an experimental anti-retroviral drug protected female monkeys from vaginal infection by a simian form HIV

LA Times

University of Rochester Medical Center Testing HIV Vaccine Pill

TWC News

Results released from The Women of Color HIV Initiative


The Ugandan government’s decision to abolish tuition fees for school pupils, the resulting improved participation in education and an associated decline in adolescent sexual activity are responsible for substantial declines in HIV incidence and prevalence among teenage girls…


South African doctor uses social media to break HIV stigma

CCTV America

Gay men are better at predicting when they won’t have sex than when they will


HIV Care Saves Lives


The amount of newly infected individuals worldwide is down 38 percent since 2001 and investment in prevention and better access to care are credited

Yahoo! News

South African HIV Program On Rights of Sex Workers

All Africa

Irish Department of Health is currently examining a policy paper that looks at a range of options surrounding the country’s ban on gay men donating blood

Pink News

Patients suffering from STDs fear legal repercussions, UAE doctors say

The National UAE

Increased rates of HIV infection were seen among women using depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo-Provera or DMPA)

MedPage Today

Cambodia finds 212 with HIV where unlicensed medic operated


5-year-old girl in China got HIV through blood transfusion

Yahoo! News

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