In the couple of years that I’ve been blogging the end of year ‘wrap up’ always seems to be the hardest post, another fifty-two weeks zoomed past so quickly – yet crammed full to bursting point. It would probably make sense to start at the beginning but the Christmas junk food and booze overload has turned my memory to mush.

We’re approaching 2015, the year I turn the big three-oh! and if I’m to be satisfied of one thing it’s that the last year of my twenties has been lived to the max. It goes without saying that my holiday to Australia was the highlight of my year. Spending three weeks of November in a country too beautiful to describe in words, with fun and genuinely friendly people and enjoying some of the best days of my life so far whilst over there – namely a day in the Daintree Rainforest and another out on the Great Barrier Reef. On the other side of this tiny planet and more than a 24 hour journey from home helped put a lot of things into perspective. There’s a bigger picture out there, it’s not always about us, or about HIV & Me.

Of course with the highs must come the lows, and losing my Nan last February was the lowest of 2014. I have missed her so much over Christmas, my earliest memories are of this time of year and all the family being together.

But life is about making new memories and I’m keen to make sure that 2015 is a year to remember as well, turning 30 will certainly be something I hope not to forget! Hopefully these few days off have allowed me to recharge my batteries and the new year will give me the psychological kick up the ass I need: I’ve been thinking about what I want to get out of next year so it’s time I started planning it all!

I hoped by putting this post to one side for a day might make it easier to finish, but as I mentioned, it’s been a PACKED year. So rather than recapping it all with words, I’ll let some of these images remind you of some of my highlights and favourite things of 2014…

val pollard hiv


Irisbw edit

photo 8Personal Activism Presentation pici am promo imageDSC_0083i am still 1myHIV

vigil editaidsmap your next stepsme october20141029_17535320141116_101804

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