Make Lemonade

I’ve have been thinking about this blog all week and I still don’t really know what to write. I guess I want to keep it simple. Today marks 5 years since I was given my HIV diagnosis. Today was also very normal and average, I woke up and got ready for work, I was a busy bee in the office and now I’m at home in front of the TV. Most days are like this, normal, just like those before 6th November 2009. HIV doesn’t have to change your life, there are just some small adjustments that soon fall into place within the rhythm of your daily routine.


There are times where I wonder what happened, “how could I have been so stupid?” – But they soon pass. I’m having far too much fun in my life to regret any of my previous actions. I’m the “me” I am today because of HIV, I wouldn’t be the same person sat here today without it, but it isn’t all and everything in my life either.


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