Sat here on my bed feeling exhausted, I’m 29 in 15 days and feel like I should be typing 59! Whether it was the clocks springing forward or the fact I had a packed weekend remains to be seen…


I got the train down to Birmingham on Friday night to attend Beyond Positive’s first ever HIV Pub Crawl! I’m really glad I went and got a chance to meet some old friends as well as new, especially those who I speak to regularly online but have never had to chance to meet in person. The night was a lot of laughs (from what I remember) and according to the messages on my phone and managed to drag myself back to the hotel room (and negotiate a bunk bed barely a few inches from the ceiling) by 2.30am.


I admit I wasn’t my best on Saturday and it was something of a miracle that I made it cross-country to my mum’s house. Both me and my sister deciding to spend the weekend with her (It was Mother’s Day on Sunday here in the UK). We lost my nan in February and I know we miss her a lot, she would have been happy knowing we had all got together as a family.


There’s no real point to this blog tonight, I just haven’t written anything particularly personal for a long time and sometimes it’s good to note stuff down.


I’ve another HIV social to look forward to on Thursday. I guess I’m just feeling lucky that I have these opportunities and I’m not going to waste them.


As I saved this blog I noticed the one I posted this same day last year


“Maybe I will get the chance to do something like it again and see it through to the end, I hope so. It would have been good to have achieved a personal goal outside of everything else that is going on in my life.”


We’re a quarter through the year now and I feel like I’ve already accomplished a lot. Feeling a lot more positive than I was this time last year; maybe the lovely weather is helping!

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