HIV in Salford: A community project with Gaydio

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For the past few weeks I’ve been part of an amazing project run by Gaydio, a radio station for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of the UK. Thanks to funding from Salford City Council and the skills, knowledge and patience of Emma Goswell (Breakfast Co-Presenter at Gaydio) 12 people from Salford produced a radio show about HIV in our city.

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The group was made up of people living, working and studying in Salford, some of us living with HIV, others broadcast journalism students, and others working or volunteering in services that people living with the virus might use, such as social housing and counselling. Everyone in the group had unique skills, expertise or stories and life experiences to offer.

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Teaching each other about HIV and radio broadcasting in two hour sessions once a week was not an easy task but the group worked fantastically well together. We produced a show that is fun, unique, personal and educational. I not only learnt a lot about an industry I had no prior knowledge of, I also found out a lot of things about HIV in the city I live in that I previously knew nothing about.

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Listen to the show on the link below and share with your friends, family, organisations or anyone you feel might benefit from learning about HIV with a Salford perspective…

The show features:

Advice from doctors in Salford specialising in HIV


The impact of the virus from Salfordians living with HIV


What students in Salford really know and think about the virus


A lively debate about home testing kits


And much, much more!

Check out the show here!

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