Lucky Number

***Mandatory Hospital-Results-Blog Klaxon…!***

Yes, six months have already flown by and after visiting the Manchester Centre for Sexual Health at the MRI two weeks ago today was results day, and I was feeling pretty nervous! It’s the only time I really feel like I am ‘un well’ or that I have an illness, not because I feel physically or mentally sick but because I know the results will either make me feel elated, or fed up, they make me think about the virus and what it could be doing to my own body.

Fortunately it was good news today. My Viral Load remains Undetectable, as it has been since I first started medication around Christmas 2009, I must admit I was feeling slightly anxious about this result, I feel like I’ve accidently missed a couple more doses of my medication than I ever have before in a six month period (I’m talking one or two over a 180+ day period), so I’m glad that the results are still consistent, although I am determined to maintain care of my adherence.

There was further good news with my CD4 result which has now risen to 582, another ‘personal best’ following from the great result I achieved from my tests last summer. Again I was a little nervous that if this result had decreased I may have felt a little deflated so I’m really pleased this was not the case.

Caught up in activism and the strive to change people’s perceptions about what living with HIV can mean, it is easy to forget that you are living with a ‘disease’ or ‘condition’. Although I didn’t feel amazing before arriving at the hospital this afternoon these appointments do allow me to focus on my personal wellbeing. They serve as a reminder of the need to take care of myself and make sure I’m eating well, exercising regularly and attempting to live a healthy lifestyle.

I’m now not back in the clinic until July, hopefully I’ll continue the trend of successful results and until then I think 582 just became my new lucky number!

2 thoughts on “Lucky Number

  1. Mark Lovett says:

    Alex – my name is Mark Lovett. I have been HIV positive since the late 80’s. I got very ill at the end of 1998. By the time I got to the hospital I had 3 opportunistic infections. 30 days later I was out. My CD4 count was 25. My first antiretroviral combination consisted of 4 different meds and they were horrible tasting and they made me feel even worse in the beginning. Within 4 weeks my CD4 count was back up 357. I have been undetectable since late 2001. My CD4’s fluctuate between the low 700’s and the high 900’s. You will get there! 532 is an awesome number. You are doing what you need to do – take your meds every single day – your health will continue to improve. For me the hard part is I continue to beat myself up for letting myself become HIV positive (even after all of these years) so the battle for me is in my head. I am fortunate to have an amazing husband and we have been together since 1989. He is negative to this day because we use condoms. You are doing a great job of taking care of yourself. Please continue to do so.



    1. Alex says:

      Thank you Mark, really glad to hear about your story and that your husband is ok, I hope my boyfriend and I have a long and healthy relationship too!

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