I find that I am more likely to do something if I write it down. So after re-joining the work gym on Friday after a 5 month absence I AM GOING TO GET FIT!

I’ve actually missed doing something regularly after work and instead of being bored in the flat eating my way through the cupboards I think its best I take advantage of the ever-darker evenings and work out. I’ve also started swimming again with my boyfriend which I’m enjoying. Hopefully will be back to where I left off in a few weeks, although judging from how I have been doing so far I am going to ache a lot!

I’m already eating a lot healthier (if you forget the Chinese Takeaway I had last night) and I think that’s half the battle. Only yesterday I was agreeing with a couple of other people that I’m fed up of my bloated stomach, but at least if I know I’m doing my best to stay healthy and exercise I really do know it’s out of my control and just part and parcel of living with the virus (and more so my medication).

Still no internet in the flat so I am keeping this short and sweet before I drain my PAYG dongle… Hopefully Sky will deliver the router soon and I’ll be back to blogging regularly again!


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