Big Smiles!

Brilliant weekend and even better start to the week! Spent Saturday at my friend’s wedding and Sunday with the boyfriend’s family before going home to relax and chill, I wanted to have a good night’s sleep as I started a new job at work today!


Today went very well and was topped off with my latest results after visiting the clinic a couple of weeks ago. Over the moon that they’re the best results I’ve received since starting medication in December 2009. Blood Counts are all good, as are my kidneys and liver. Viral Load is still Undetectable which is always good to know and my CD4 is 577, the highest it’s ever been, really pleased to have broken the 500 barrier as well!


Looking forward to an interesting week of packing up the flat ready to move out next week, hopefully once I’m settled in the new job and flat I will be able to start blogging more regularly again!

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