The Wrong Vein!

CIMG0159Yesterday was a routine hospital appointment with the nurse for bloods. This meant waking up early and trekking to the clinic for my 8.30am appointment, don’t feel too sorry for me, I purposely book my consultations this early to avoid crowded waiting rooms and being kept waiting. The appointment takes place once every six months and doesn’t really entail that much. I wee in a pot, sometimes weigh myself and then get a needle put into my arm so they can perform various tests, CD4 count and Viral Load being the most important. Due to my medication they’ll also check my liver and kidneys are still working as normal (I think that’s why I’m made to tinkle).

The nurses are always friendly at the clinic usually and very chatty; I expect it’s a good idea to distract people whilst you’re pushing a needle into their arm. I don’t have a needle problem, I’ve a couple of piercings, but I wouldn’t say I loved them. Yesterday the nurse used the wrong vein. They always go for one to the right of the middle of my arm, but yesterday it was the one right in the middle and it’s bruised me! Aside from this all went as expected and I’m waiting for my results which I’ll go and get when I meet my consultant on February 12th.

Of course because I’ve been through such ‘trauma’ it was only right that I treat myself yesterday so I did have a mini-binge last night, but most of the food was healthy. I’m still going to the gym and keeping up with the classes, also applied for a job today so on the resolution front it’s nearing the end of January and I am still on track.

I’ve also done something very exciting today and booked my holiday with my boyfriend. We’re off to the USA at the end of April. I can’t wait and to think when I was diagnosed this would not have been possible, the ban was lifted in January 2010. Speaking of which I was VERY impressed by Obama’s inauguration speech, it’s great to see LGBT rights being mentioned at such an important and historic occasion.

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