Stop the World…

me march 2013Just a quick little note to say I am here still and I’ve not given up on this blog even though I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks. I’ve had an awful lot going on in my family life in the past fortnight and also had a job interview to prepare for, and then the slight inconvenience of having to move flats this week purely on a temporary basis whilst they fix the drainage (lovely).

I’m also a third of the way through a nine week online course so writing essays and watching the online lectures is taking up a fair amount of my spare time.

On the HIV front I have been reading the recent news articles about the recent ‘cures’. I am not one to get excited about this sort of thing. I’ve always believed that the social problems which give rise to stigma and ignorance need addressing before we look at how science is pathing its way toward a vaccine or cure. Even if this virus gets eliminated there will be other sexually transmitted viruses that follow and unless we change people’s perceptions then they too will face the same worries that those living with HIV do now.

Anyhoo, I am well, even though very tired. I will blog asap! (Although I am not sure at this point if I will have the internet when I move later this week, BOO!)

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