Merry Christmas

me xmasWriting this entry on a Saturday evening because it’s probably going to be the only free time I have now until after the Christmas holidays! I am so jealous hearing other people’s stories about travelling home as I won’t be venturing down south to spend Christmas with the family until Christmas Eve; I have to work Monday, boo!

I’ve not been well the past week and prior to that had a busy week in work so I’ve not had a chance to update the blog until now. I had so many things that I thought I could write about but I’m hungover from a Christmas outing to a final club night in Manchester with my flat mate. As usual I am determined to blame the hangover on anything and everything as long as nothing to do with getting older haha. Basically bear with me (I HATE THAT PHRASE!) as I’m probably just going to waffle.

Decided to visit the hospital in the week rather than my GP as I feared I might get referred anyway and glad I went, was good to be able to speak to someone who has more appreciation of how HIV and other illnesses can occur. It seems I have been carrying around an infection that would normally have presented itself by now but for whatever reason hasn’t. Still I have been on some super tablets this week and it seems to be clearing up fine. Apart from a skin infection this is only the second time I can really remember suffering from something that is probably a result of a compromised immune system. I do worry about this sort of thing and tend to self-diagnose myself using Google, perhaps not the best idea but luckily enough for me I have a boyfriend with a sensible head who eventually pushed me to go and seek a professional opinion. I don’t hate doctors, I just don’t see the point in visiting them when you know they’re going to say you need rest and drink plenty of water in that ‘why are you wasting my time?’ tone of voice. I can be very stubborn; blame falls on being an Aries born in the year of the Ox, not that I am really into Astrology.

I’m looking forward to going home at Christmas even though it’s a short trip, just three days and I have to be back in work Friday. It will be the last Christmas in the house I lived in from the age of 10 as my mum is moving so I have a few mixed emotions about it, I was lay in bed earlier watching Spice Girls videos on YouTube like a mega gay and it brought back memories of me and my sister getting their first album and torturing my parents with it for the entire school holiday. Like most people it’s the time of year where I am reflecting over a lot of things and I feel so lucky to have memories like these. There were arguments, tantrums and fights but there was so much love as well and it’s great that even though my family is very different now (my parents are separated, my sister is married and I have Richard) we still all get on, probably better in a lot of respects, so I can’t wait to see everyone.

I’ll save the rest of my thoughts of 2012 for my next blog and try to come up with some manageable New Year Resolutions as well: can’t remember what mine were last year but it’s definitely been a year to remember!!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading the blog since I started it and I hope you all have a great Christmas, or if you’re not inclined to celebrate it spend the time relaxing and having some fun!

Merry Christmas!


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