Disclosure on the third anniversary of my diagnosis

“Three years ago today I walked out of a clinic with the knowledge that I was HIV positive. To say that I was stunned and numb inside would be an understatement but I’m long over these feelings and come to terms with my diagnosis. I can’t thank enough my friends and family who have supported me during this time, especially Richard, I love you SO much. This virus does not identify who I am, but it has made me a stronger person, I’m fighting the virus and now I want to fight the stigma and prejudice that HIV positive people face in our society. It has become clear to me that I can only do this by being open about my status; I’m not afraid or ashamed of it. Ask me anything you want but please note: 1) I am LIVING with HIV, not dying of AIDS: I am a healthy person like any other. 2) I have no intentions of going anywhere soon and there is no reason why I won’t be around for as long as God intended.”
Post from my Facebook status 06/11/2012

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